1.  The Sandlofer Family is commited to giving wolves/hybrids love, care and a safe place to live without

the stress of man's insensitive intervention.  Bringing attention to the wolf destruction, whether it be by

hunting, trapping or the shrinking habitat.

2.  We plan to achieve these goals by showing the interaction of the pack, the love, devotion and responsiblity

wolves have for each other, how they raise their young, proctect each other and their territory.

3.  We share the planet with all forms of life.  It's up to us to keep the wolf and its habitat safe and alive for 

the next generation.

4.  Introduce new legistaltion to protect the wolves from hunting, culling and trapping.  Offering alternitives to

the kill.  Relocating the wolf and educating the people about the importance the wolf has on the planet earth.

5.  Learning from the wolf is a gift.  We plan to achieve these goals by going to schools, fairs and other community events with your generous help conducting work shops and seminars that will bring awareness 

to put wolves in a positive light.  To teach others an understanding of how the wolves have helped mankind

for hundreds of years.

If you would like to be a part of this, join and support "The Wolfpack Project".