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Dear Wolf Pack Friends and Supporters,

It's been a very rough year and a half, and I'm very sorry for not keeping up with you.  This past year we lost three of our four legged family members, all within days of each other.  For anyone who knew them by name it was

Shiloh and Phoenix, both 15 to 17 years old, so sort of expected. But Zephir, not that old, but had been with them his whole life, became very depressed, and within days followed them over the rainbow bridge. It was a very sad time for us all.

On a happier note we have taken on four new members to the family. Three

males and one female, all timber wolves under one year old. Their names are Lobo, Seton, Timber and Star.

We are working fervently on our sanctuary here in South Carolina. It's about 80% finished. We had planned on being ready for a Grand Opening earlier

this spring, but due to the end of a 16 year battle with cancer Michael, husband, father, grandfather, best friend, soul mate, and creator of

THE WOLF PACK PROJECT, went on to start a new project in Heaven. He is

greatly missed by us all.

BUT we must move forward. That being said we're reaching out to you our friend and supporters for help to finish this project. Work and income came to

a stop for about 4 months with Michael's illness.

Michael spent his adult life educating about, rescuing, and caring for all sorts of animals, from whales, mustangs, bears, big cats, and now wolves. We truly want to finish this project to continue the legacy of animal care, while keeping the message going that "WE SHARE THE PLANET EARTH WITH ALL FORMS OF LIFE."

I will try my best to keep you informed to what's going on, meanwhile check out the website for photos etc.

God Bless You All

P.S. Any support to help complete our sanctuary would be appreciated, and will be acknowledged in our next newletter.

June 2016 Newsletter